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Portable Collapsible Storage Wardrobe

Portable Collapsible Storage Wardrobe will give the perfect solution to the disorder in a room filled with clothes. The durable cloth exterior protects your clothes from dust and dirt, while the zip allows for easy access and convenience.

Was R499

Now R299

Portable Ultrasonic Atomizer Humidifier

One of the negative aspects of cold weather is the dry indoor air. The best solution to winter dryness is using humidifiers. Adequate humidity can help prevent or alleviate dry skin, eyes and nasal passages. Be kind to your skin this winter with the Ultrasonic Atomizer Humidifier!

Was R259

Now R169

Havier York Automatic Pop-Up Mini RFID Wallet

Optimise your day to day operations with this convenient, compact card wallet. It's designed to hold your cards, cash and business cards while simultaneously protecting you from RFID hackers and thieves (it's a thing). It's also small and lightweight and features a convenient pop-up mechanism that grants you instant access to your cards.

Was R599

Now R399

CRRJU Men’s Watches

Designed for the sophisticated man. The CRRJU Men’s collection is perfect for both casual and formal wear. Its timeless, classic designs are suitable for all occasions, while the water resistant casing protects your timepiece against the elements.

Was R499

Now R299

Chill Chest Collapsible Iceless Cooler

The Chill Chest keeps things frozen for hours – no ice required! The revolutionary lightweight, foldable cooler is perfect for outdoor parties, BBQ’s, sports events, picnics, beach outings, camping, boating & more! Even on a hot beach, ice cream stays ice cold and ready to enjoy! The secret is the temperature-lock technology with interwoven Polypropaline cells that trap the cold inside!

Was R699

Now R349

KickFits Trainers

The world is at our feet and waiting for us to run across and explore it. All we need is a great pair of shoes to go with our journey. One which encompasses endurance; comfort; fit; and function this makes all the difference in one’s journey. After all, a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Was 399

Now R199

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