10/15 or 20m Garden Drip Nozzle Watering Irrigation



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*This system also reduces water usage by up to 70% over traditional sprinklers by focusing water directly to the root.

*Drip Irrigation System Kit Self Watering Garden Hose Sprinkler Nozzle Set

*A good DIY tool kit for watering plants and flowers.

*It can save your time and water.

*Suitable for orchard or greenhouse, agriculture, lawn, garden, sprinkler irrigation.

*Comes with a whole kit of accessories, practical, simple and convenient to use.


Micro-irrigation kit for plants The micro -irrigation system enables even and economical distribution of water in a simple and convenient way.

It can be used for tunnels, rebates and hanging pots.

Systematic irrigation promotes better plant development.

The possibility of creating your own construction will be appreciated by every garden owner and gardener.

The irrigation system is irreplaceable both in the garden and in agriculture.

The set has a 10m long irrigation pipe intended for both above-ground and underground use. Characterized by high resistance to UV radiation.

The set is made of the highest quality materials resistant to damage and weather conditions.

Very easy to install.

The best quality that guarantees use for years.


10 Meter -Set Contents

10 m long rubber hose

5 x Spray nozzle

5 x Drip nozzle

9 x Tee


15 Meter -Set Contents

15 Meter long rubber hose

7 x Spray nozzle

8 x Drip nozzle

14 x Tee


20 Meter -Set Contents

20 Meter long rubber hose

10 x Spray nozzle

10 x Drip nozzle

19 x Tee



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10/15 or 20m Garden Drip Nozzle Watering Irrigation
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