Blu-Ray Anion Nano-Spray Gun Disinfection Machine


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Based on the principle of superheated steam, produced by 3.3 atmospheric pressure, the sprayer has a strong ability to pressurize the liquid water into superheated gaseous molecule (140 degree, 0.26nm in diameter). .


Nano Spray Gun Features

1. Intelligent temperature control–2 real-time temperature controllers 

2. Light weight –PC material, comfortable to carry

3. Strong water pump–helpful to release waste

4. Safe–circuit board wrapped with PC material 

5. Individual handle design–reduce the arm pressure


More Functions

1. Diluted disinfectant spraying

2. Hair moisturizing & caring 

3. Skin moisturizing and penetrating


Power consumption:1200w  


Weight: 1.3KGS 

Product size:22*12*21CM

Water bottle capacity: 200ML 

Powercord length :3m 

Gas steam speed: length:3m   Gas steam speed: 22ml/Min

Function:Diluted disinfectant Spraying, Hair Moisturizing & Caring



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Blu-Ray Anion Nano-Spray Gun Disinfection Machine
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