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The mask is the first layer of protection against this pandemic. Acting as a barrier between vulnerable area’s on your face and the air outside, the mask could aid in keeping you safe. 


Product Features 

  • Made in South Africa 
  • 3 Ply 
  • Fluid resistant
  • Washable, breathable & Re-usable


Product Specifications 

  • Outer Layer: 70gsm
  • Middle Layer: 10gsm
  • Inner Layer: 70gsm



Masks can be disinfected by washing in hot water, soap and ironed.

Wearing this mask does not replace normal precautionary hygienic measures outlined bu the government.

Masks may need to be replaced if they are damaged or worn out, or if they have exceeded any their lifespans.

Children should be supervised at all times when using this mask


Buy face mask online and abide by the World Health Organisation and South African Health Department’s regulations in the covid-19 global pandemic. Wearing face masks greatly hinders the spread of covid-19 in public spaces as it prevents you contracting the virus from droplets that may be suspended in the air. Face masks reduce the amount of virus droplets being coughed up by those with the infection. Experts have also noted that some people may have the virus but do not show symptoms, these individuals are asymptomatic, and may put others at risk; buy face mask online to stay safe and keep everyone around you out of harms way.  


Wearing a mask wasn’t always a guideline but there is increasing evidence which suggests that the virus can be spread by presymptomatic and asymptomatic carriers. These new policies come with the vital plea that people don’t use the medical-grade masks that are in short supply in hospitals right now. It has become increasingly difficult for health care workers to get the personal protective equipment they need to take care of coronavirus patients. Medical authorities such as the national government has urged the public not to buy face mask online which are deemed medical grade; specifically N95 respirators and surgical masks.   


What Does Science Say About Face Masks? 

Over the years several studies have been conducted, which test how effective surgical masks are at tamping down the spread of respiratory viruses. Across these studies it was found that there is some small effect and no risk associated with wearing masks. This means that there are no major risks to wearing masks and they may provide a benefit; and therefore it would be prudent to recommend some kind of face covering at this point to protect individuals. Although science can’t show any definitive results that face masks are a necessary protective measure, there have been no risks recorded when using face masks. So rather be safe, not sorry and buy face masks online now.   


If I Buy Face Mask Online, How Do I Use It? 

  1. Members of the public should refrain from using medical grade N95 surgical masks. Buy face masks online that are made from cloth or polyester. 
  2. Be sure to buy face mask online that is big enough to cover your nose and mouth completely.
  3. Make sure that your face mask covers your nose and mouth completely. 
  4. Remember face masks should not be repeatedly touched when in use. 
  5. Wash your hands after removing the face mask. 
  6. Cloth masks should be washed with warm soapy water and iron when dry. 
  7. When you buy face mask online, don’t forget to buy two, so that one face mask is available when the other is being washed.    


   After I Buy Face Mask Online, How Do I Care For It? 

  1. Caring for face masks are easy when you understand that once it has been used depending on the material it should be disposed of or washed immediately. Buy face mask online that indicate these specifics ensuring that you know what should be done after use.
  2. The amount of times you could wash the face mask should be specified on the packaging. Buy face mask online that have these care instructions.
  3. If on the packaging it states that the the masks are disposable stick to the one and done policy, which is when you buy face mask online you should immediately after use dispose of it
  4. Discarding instructions should be printed on the packaging, make sure to check before you buy face mask online. Most times it would advise you to get rid of the used mask in an easy sterile manner, avoid contact with anything when getting rid of the face mask. 


What About Homemade Face Masks? 

Homemade face masks are currently not regarded as medical grade face masks as they have no ability to protect health care professionals against viral infections such as covid-19. This is why national health authorities urge the public to refrain from buy face mask online that are certified surgical medical grade N95 respirators. Scarfs and other cloth materials do not offer enough protection against the virus. To guarantee shielding from covid-19 buy face mask online instead of using makeshift masks.



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