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The Sani Face Mask is the perfect add on to your daytime closet. Made of breathable washable , durable sponge fabric  and  features a breathing valve that assists with easier breathing yet filtrating particles.


Why choose the Sani Face Mask?

 Avoiding Germs

Air is a common way for allergens, bacteria and viruses to infect you. Add all the little particles from cars and factories to the equation and the air we breathe becomes very harmful. How can you be sure that you and your family are safe? Find a way before it’s too late.Our Nanno mask is made to protect you from every single one of those infiltrators and keep you healthy. Filter the air you breathe and avoid all those threats. You know how serious the problem has become so don’t stay inactive. Protect yourself now!


Full protection

Air pollution and diseases that are caused by viruses that are airborne can harm you severely. Respiratory problems are very common among people who live in cities. Anything that can be transmitted through the air is a possible threat that you can’t see. Covering your mouth and nose completely with a mask like this premium Nanno mask, which filters the air is the best approach to fight the problem. Block little particles that flow around you and liquid droplets that may come your way from other people. Don’t risk it!


Extreme comfort

Our Nanno mask is the best mask in the market when it comes to comfort. It fits all types of faces as it can stretch to fit. You won’t even feel it on your face with its lightweight technology. Protection comes first but why not choose an option that can provide you with amazing comfort.


Wash and Reuse

Common masks aren’t made for reusing and you end up spending a lot of money to buy new ones. This isn’t the case with the Nanno mask. You can use it as many times as you like and you can wash it any time to be sure that every germ that might end up there is gone for good. Stay protected easily without spending a fortune.


Product Features

  • Comfortable & Fits All
  • Full Nose & Mouth Coverage
  • Nanno Technology Dust-Free Air Filter PM2.5
  • Protection from Allergens, Bacteria & Cold
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Washable & Reusable
  • Unisex
  • Breathing valve
  • Soft


Please Note: For sanitary reasons, face masks cannot be returned. Sales are non refundable.


Lifesheild Hand Sanitizer – 70% Alcohol

This set of 6 50ml alcohol based hand sanitizer is a liquid with mild, pleasant non-residual ingredients for fast, effective and safe cleansing. It leaves hands feeling refreshed without a sticky residue. This product contains 65 – 70% alcohol making it the perfect warrior against germs and bacteria as well as viruses such as Covid-19.


Product Features:

  • 65 -70% alcohol base
  • Can be used with or without water


Product Specifications

  • 6 x 50ml hand sanitiser 



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Buy Two Sanimask and get 4x50ml Sanitizer for Free valued at R100
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