How To Get Lighting Online, As Told By Designers (Exclusive!)

Lighting Online; Interior Design; Sustainable Design Inspiration; Lighting Online; Online Exclusive; Minimalist; Maximalist

Now let me tell you something about getting lighting online and interior designers – they’re very good at getting the best prices, but extremely picky! To put it bluntly interior designers are, predominantly, made up of two camps; minimalists and maximalists. One champions neutral colours, clean lines and is mostly inspired by Scandinavian design; while the latter believes that more is more! Maximalism is all about all about excess and interior designers incorporate this into homes by layering textures, colours and patterns. These opposing camps are in constant competition, both vying for the most coveted annual non-existent award for ‘Best Interior Design’. Now, it might be difficult for the average Joe’s to pick a side in the design wars, when you know nothing about it. So let me break down the biggest lighting design trends at the moment and then you can decide which side you’re going with – it also will make buying lighting online so much easier!

Lighting Online Makes a Statement!

Lighting Online; Interior Design; Maximalist Design Inspiration; Lighting Online; Online Exclusive; Minimalist
Bigger lighting fixtures look great in big and small spaces – don’t be afraid to try this classic trend.

Let’s start off with a bang!  Create a ‘wow’ factor and attract instant attention by choosing a big over the top fixture for your room.  If you have high ceilings and a lot of space to play with a bigger lighting fixture can act as more than just a light source and double as a centerpiece. Made up of crystal balls this modern contemporary double ball crystal pendant chandelier would look elegant on your home and is best suited for high ceilings. And if you don’t have the luxury of space, don’t be discouraged take a leaf out of designer Erica Reitman’s book – a self taught interior designer based in Mexico. “We have a tiny little house (750 square feet), and I needed something that would make a statement, but also not feel too overwhelming for the room,” she explains. Bigger lighting fixtures can work in smaller spaces – just make sure it doesn’t hang too low, and you’re good to go. So remember when shopping for lighting online, do as the maximalists designers do and dare to go big!

Zero(ish) Percent Carbon Footprint

Lighting Online; Interior Design; Sustainable Design Inspiration; Lighting Online; Online Exclusive; Minimalist; Maximalist
Installing strip LED lights is a simple, accessible way to decrease your carbon footprint.

This is the Switzerland of the lighting choices, it doesn’t choose sides in the design war but could seamlessly fit into either design aesthetic. The versatility of this lighting trend lies in the many ways it could be implemented in your home! You could go the obvious route and choose a colour palette that reflect hues found in nature. L.A. native Katie Hodges exclaims that “clients have become less trend-focused and more concerned with the longevity of their designs”. She explains that earth toned palettes with varied textures stand the test of time and makes for an easy transition when you want to refresh and refurbish. Be daring and try natural hues in your lighting fixtures, shop for lighting online that incorporates natural colour like ceramic and clay pendants.

You can stay true to the cause and swap out all your incandescent light bulbs for LED lighting. Ordinary incandescent light bulbs are energy guzzlers, most of the electricity used is wasted in the form of heat given off. Many homeowners opt for LED lighting because its cost effective and lasts longer than incandescent bulbs. And, to make the deal even sweeter, with these light fixtures you can make you home one of a kind. When shopping for lighting online you can choose from a range of shapes, colours and brightness. I know what you’re thinking – ‘but they’re so expensive’. Well, we’ve got some good news for you, LED lighting are becoming more affordable. Previously, LED lighting was expensive where homeowners could only replace a single fixture at a time. But, as the technology becomes more accessible homeowners might be able to adopt this energy saving tactic more abundantly in their homes.

Take the sustainability meter, up a notch by channeling your inner interior design expert and try to incorporate decor elements that are made of natural sustainable materials. Fiber like wicker rattan and bamboo, once a vacation home staple, has made its way into our homes. Canadian born interior designer and blogger, Kristina Lynne, explains that lighting offers an opportunity to put finishing touches on a space. Lighting fixtures that are made of natural fibers, like rattan, allow for dimension and texture to be added in a space in a unique and surprising way. Next time when you’re shopping for lighting online don’t don forget think green and lessen your carbon footprint.

Bring on the Art Deco Lighting Online!

Lighting Online; Interior Design; Art Deco Design Inspiration; Lighting Online; Online Exclusive; Maximalist
Intricate patterns are the order of the day – implement sculptural lighting pieces to up the ante!

If you’re one of those artsy types then this maximalism decor concept is right up your alley! Art Deco interiors are having a moment in the interior design world. Now if you’re not much of a history buff, and these terms don’t mean anything to you, don’t fret we’re here to explain. Aesthetically, Art Deco can be described as lavish and glamourous, key Art Deco designs feature:

  1. Intricate Details – patterned pieces, like rugs, wallpaper, and upholstery, echo iconic Art Deco geometric designs.
  2. Sculptural Lines – this includes both curving and geometric lines.
  3. Metals – mixed metals are not just allowed, but celebrated, come one come all!
  4. Mood – low ambient lighting to set the right mood; like filament bulbs you can easily find this lighting online.

Now that we’re all on the same page, we can revel in the infinite beauty of this maximalist interior design concept. The beauty of it, is that is can coexist in a space with other maximalist design concepts – and not be overwhelming. This is very difficult to do with the maximalist school of design because it can very quickly become cluttered. Interior designer Amy Storm, of Glen Ellyn interior design studio, believes that marrying traditional and contemporary is the secret to achieving a chic maximalist look. She continues by explaining that “lighting is one of the most important pieces of our design [aesthetic] and we love to use statement pieces”. An Art Deco lighting fixture is the perfect way to marry traditional and contemporary, overhead fixtures will draw the eye and add a unique focal point to any room. Previously shopping for Art Deco lighting online was difficult, but as they have become more mainstream you can find lighting fixtures online at affordable prices. If you’re not ready to commit to a whole overhead fixture, you could incorporate lightbulbs that give off a warm ambient glow reminiscent of the luxurious time period – finding this kind of lighting online is no sweat!   

Now that you’ve got a solid understanding of the these rivaling camps, its time to make your decision – choose wisely!

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