Hurri Clean Pack of 3 Automatic Toilet & Tank Cleaner (As Seen on TV)


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Pull, Pour and Nothing More!

Now, you can clean your toilet without scrubbing. Just pull open the HurriClean pouch, pour into the tank and watch it work. The fast-acting foaming formula produces millions of powerful scrubbing bubbles to clean and sanitize the tank. Then flush, and clean the jet stream and bowl. It’s that easy.

No Harsh Chemicals

Use once a month to clean and sanitize. The formula is chlorine-free and odorless, but packs a punch that eliminates mold, bacteria, rust, mineral deposits and more. It’s safe for all plumbing parts and septic systems.


Product Features:

  • Cleans Tank, Bowl and Jet Stream
  • Fast-Acting Foaming Formula Produces Millions of Powerful Scrubbing Bubbles
  • Safe for All Plumbing Parts and Septic Systems
  • Eliminates Mold, Bacteria, Mineral Deposits and More
  • No Scrubbing, No Harsh Chemicals, No Mess
  • Use Once a Month



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