Intellivac 3-in-1 Robot Vacuum, Sweep & Mop with Wifi


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The Intellivac 3-in-1 Robot Vacuum, Sweep & Mop with Wifi is an absolute dream come true for all homeowners. We all know that vacuuming and washing the floors can be one of our biggest challenges when cleaning up the house, thanks to the Intellivac this can all change. The Intellivac does it all as it sweeps, vacuums and mops!


Product Features:

  • This device vacuums, sweeps and mops. 
  • When the battery starts running low, the Intellivac will make its way back to its docking station to recharge itself.
  • There are five cleaning modes for you to choose from:
  • Auto clean
  • Z-clean.
  • Spot clean.
  • Edge clean.
  • Enhanced clean.


Product Specifications:

  • 4-5 hours of charge time.
  • 120-160 minutes of work time.
  • Cyclone cleaning technology with an ultra-fine filter.
  • HEPA filter.
  • 800ml dustbin capacity.
  • 350ml water tank.
  • 14.8 V, 30 W.
  • 2600 Li-Ion battery.
  • 55DB noise level.
  • Work Area 130m²- 160m².
  • GYRO accurate navigation.
  • Powerful 1400PA suction
  • 16 x sets of sensors to ensure anti-collision and anti-fall.
  • Vacuum Suction.
  • Anti-fall/ Anti-collision.
  • ESLAM Map Creating.
  • Dynamic Calculation.
  • Cyclone system.
  • BLDC Motor
  • Self Adaptation Air Duct.
  • Unit size- Dia. 315 cm x 78 cm


What’s in the box:

  • The Intellivac.
  • Docking station and adapter.
  • Main brush.
  • 2 x Side brushes.
  • Roller Brush.
  • Roller Brush Cover.
  • Dustbin.
  • Cleaning tool.
  • Air Filter.
  • HEPA Filter.
  • Water tank.
  • Mop Pad. 
  • Remote control.
  • Instructional Manual.
  • DO NOT use detergent with this product!


Additional information

Weight2.0 kg
Dimensions20.0 × 10.0 × 5.0 cm


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