Jeronimo Play Fit Indoor Table Tennis Table 3.0


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It’s time to play! Forwards, Backwards, left corner, “touched the net”!! It’s time to get your table tennis hands ready. With this superb quality table tennis table, we know that competitions are going to last for hours. Play singles or doubles games, crush your previous score and get in some practice before the big family tournament. This sport is truly exciting and full of energy.  Use this table indoors and outdoors. This game can be played and enjoyed by both children and adults. This game is ideal to be played with 2 players from 7 years and older. 


Product Features

  • Easy to fold and store
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • The table has playback: where one side can be left in the vertical position, enabling a single player to play against themselves while leaning on a wall made from high-quality woods and metals


Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 
    • Frame: 30mm x 15mm 
    • Leg: 30 mm x 30 mm 
    • Thickness of table: 4cm
  • Net length: 184cm
  • 180cm x 274.5cm  x 75.5 cm 
  • Weight: 63kg


What comes in the box:

4 x Sets of legs

2 x Bats

3 x Ping pong balls

1 x Net 

1 x Folding table tennis table (2 separate pieces)



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