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Lifestyle Instant Geyser Shower Head


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No geysers needed any longer! You can have a fully functional hot water shower system at a fraction of the normal equipment cost and installation time normally required.


Product Features:

  • Shower head with integral water heater built in.
  • Use for space restricted and portable applications such as boats, camp facilities and RV and even your home.
  • This self-contained shower system only uses electricity when operated this making it a “green energy efficient” product.
  • The units are “demand” and “tankless” and therefore only need a single water source to operate.
  • When installed, they provide an INSTANT hot shower in three different temperature settings set with a switch.
  • Simpler setup than with a water heater or geyser.
  • Less to go wrong and easier to install and maintain.


Additional information

Weight0.8 kg
Dimensions27.0 × 26.0 × 6.0 cm

1 review for Lifestyle Instant Geyser Shower Head

  1. Sipho Falteni

    This is very good especially for us people who stays in informal settlement areas. But we need more information about this product, like how many litres can it takes, installation, energy rating and etc.

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