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Mini 2-Speed Sewing Machine


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The mini Sew Machine can stitch on any fabric from delicate silks to denims.With a top drop-in bobbin, this Sewing Machine makes threading the needle seem like a cake walk. The Sew Machine also has an automatic thread rewind feature and a simple on/off control button which saves your time and energy. 

Occasionally, the bobbin case may become loose and move freely within the throat of the machine, or it may pop out. This can be remedied by re-aligning the bobbin. The repositioning of the bobbin can be done by hand by turning it and gently shaking back and forth. If the bobbin is stuck and you are not able to turn it or reposition it by hand, a screwdriver can be used gently to lift it in order to reposition correctly and place the black knob to the left side of the white plastic edge. Please be careful to gently lift the plastic edge with the screwdriver, applying too much pressure can make the plastic edge break. 


Product Features 

  • For anything from silk to denim; hand switch or foot pedal to start.Mini 2-speed sewing machine offers double thread and perfect stitch control
  • This sewing machine is basic sewing machine,small and portable, with easy-to-use features,suit for new sewing machine user. Top drop-in bobbin ensures easy threading; automatic thread rewind
  • if it keeps getting jammed: 1) Check the threading of top thread and bobbin thread and pull the thread at all threading places to identify where is wrong.2) Check whether the machine chassis gets stuck; if so, the needle will be unable to move downward by turning the hand wheel. For which you need to adjust the position of bobbin thread spool and groove, and put them away correctly
  • Few checks that are required: 1) Threading 6 holes when feeding threads.2) Pull the top thread after threading to make the smoothness.3)Make sure the top thread is between the 2 iron sheets when it through the elastic adjusting button.4) Make sure the flat surface towards the hand wheel when install the needle.5) Check the thread is threaded outside-in and towards the hand wheel.6) Check the bobbin thread spool is installed clockwise.7) Check the direction of the thimble screw is correct.(8) Rotate the hand wheel manually for the thick cloths and electrically for the thin cloths .9)Before switching on the machine, turning the hand wheel manually for a few steps to prevent thread from missing stitches. (10) Have a test of the machine with better needles and better threads


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Weight2.0 kg
Dimensions20.0 × 10.0 × 5.0 cm


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