Playful Panda Set of 2 Tiny Hands


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There isn’t anything particularly funny about a person’s hands. Unless, of course, they’re about five times too small for their body!

Make your friends laugh with these creepy and hilarious Tiny Hands. You can make a silly salute, give a hilarious high-five, and maybe even be president. Just pop on a long sleeve shirt and grip the ball handles with the hands your mama gave you to make the switcheroo.


Product Features

  • Fun and Laughs for Family and friends
  • Made with a High-Quality Plastic Material
  • Durable and flexible
  • Realistic Design and Colour


Fun for Everyone

Looking for a way to keep the kids entertained on a rainy Sunday afternoon? Improve your puppet show skills and keep the entire family laughing with these Tiny Hands. This fun gag will put a smile on everyone’s face!


Premium Quality Materials

These finger hands are made with a premium quality, highly durable plastic, that is skin-friendly and non-toxic. These tiny hands will not easily tear or perish and are made to last.


Ultra-Realistic Design

Unlike similar products on the market, these mini hands are designed with a extremely realistic human hand shape, with extra attention to the details. From fingernails, the knuckles and natural wrinkles, these hands perfectly replicate the human design.


Perfect Gift

Use these mini hands for various applications; from putting on puppet shows for your classroom or kids, for increasing your typing performance, even as an extra pair of hands during massage sessions – no matter the occasion, these hands can assist!


Product Specifications

  • 15,8cm in length (10.7cm = hand + 5.08cm = handle)
  • Material: High-Grade Plastic; Non-toxic
  • Colour: Flesh / Nude
  • (Please note that colour may vary from the pictures provided)


What’s in the box?

1x Mini Right Hand + Handle

1x Mini Left Hand + Handle


Please Note

1.This product should not be eaten or chewed upon

2. Children should be supervised when playing with them

3.Only suitable for children older than 13 years



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Playful Panda Set of 2 Tiny Hands
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