Technical Pro BBQ Grill Light & Fan With Adjustable Fastener


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Being able to see your food and identify when it is safe to eat (either by the naked eye or instant-read BBQ thermometer. To do this you need a barbecue light. Being able to move around the grill and seating area without tripping over anything. 


Product Features

  • Use this 12-LED BBQ Grill Light & Fans to draw smoke away from your face and illuminate your grill!
  • Light and Fans pivot up to 300 degrees
  • 12-LED light ring illuminates the cooking area
  • Twin fans help to keep smoke away from the face
  • Lights rotate up to 300 degrees for perfect task lighting on the grill area
  • Bright
  • 12-LED lights
  • Quality crafted for reliability and long life
  • Dual, pivoting fans cool workspace, blowing smoke up and away from chef’s eyes and face
  • Fans and light have separate on/off switches and swivel independently for the perfect positioning
  • Sturdy universal clamps attach to most BBQ hoods. 



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